Keep it 'In mind'

Anonymous said: So how can anyone be "Hawaiian" by your standards?


hmm. the yes or no answer to this question is no. “being Hawaiian” is understood in many, many different ways. 

but you are asking for my standards. A Hawaiian, is of course a person with Hawaiian blood. Also known as kanaka or kanaka maoli for being an native of this land. but by my standards, you do not have to be A Hawaiian to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture.”being Hawaiian” is something that many people can do. Hawaiians are not the only ones who dance hula, or pound kalo. Many advocates for Hawaiian rights are in fact, not Hawaiian. like Kawika Eyre. 

AND sometimes, even Hawaiians don’t live up to the standards of “being Hawaiian”. 

if you love our culture then you are more than welcome to educate yourself and come out to support us. yes, you may not be of Hawaiian descent, but if you have the compassion to help then come out. 

"being Hawaiian" is super complicated. not anyone can do it. but I do encourage people to get educated and enjoy in the traditions still being kept alive today. 


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